A New Milestone


Hello everyone! This is my first blog post and I am very excited about this new milestone in my life! It is a new venture and I’m open for all sorts of challenges that I may face with this blogging experience. Lately, I’ve been following a couple of blogs. The ones that interest me the most are those that are about DIY, quilting, sewing.. anything related to ARTS! Soon I became interested in creating my own blog where I get to share my own experiences doing various projects.  I realized that it is a neat way to document my experiences.


When I decided to start my own blog I knew nothing about creating a blog. At the moment I feel very proud that I managed to find my way through this challenge and finally launch it! One thing I learned, is that you should never panic. There is always someone who has experienced the same issues that you are facing and thus there are plenty of answers online!

Choosing a name for the blog took several days.  A lot of bloggers advised that the name should be creative and standing out. I knew then that I cannot settle with just any blog name. I brainstormed and asked some friends for their opinion too. Finally, I arrived to the name: A Blossomed Chaos. My sister thought that a chaos signifies a total mess of ideas and thoughts. Well, that can be true because often I do have lots of ideas and inspiration racing in my head. However, A Blossomed Chaos also means that all these ideas are blossomed into projects that I eventually create. In this blog, I aim to create projects that interest me.

Please feel free to share with me your projects on Instagram using #myblossomedchaos Thank you all for reading my first blog post! I’d love to read any comments you have 🙂

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