Double Knitting

DSC00812Today I will share with you my recent project: knitting a scarf. I went to the crafts store a few weeks ago. The purpose of my trip was mainly to get some supplies for quilting. However, in places as such it is just so hard to go for a certain thing and leave. I’m sure some of you face the same problem!! I had to just ‘have a look’ at the yarn section, but then I instantly fell in love with two colors of yarn in the shades of brown. I picked them up not knowing what I’ll do with them. I thought of doing a scarf but I wasn’t sure at the moment.

I learned the basics of knitting from my grandma when I was a teenager. My mom always saw in me something different than my siblings, creativity and patience, so she was the one behind me learning knitting. It was at the early stages of my grandma’s illness with Parkinson around 10 years ago. My mom and I went to the same crafts store and we purchased a bundle of yarn and knitting needles. Then, I remember my mom dropping me to my grandma’s to learn knitting. My grandma taught me the knit and purl stitches and under her observation I proudly knitted my first scarf.

To those of you who are interested in knitting but are afraid that it is hard: it really is not. Once you learn these two basic stitches you can really do anything. After that, you can just teach yourself how to create different patterns, add different colors, and many more techniques. I recommend two things: buying a good knitting book that teaches all that you may need to know about knitting as well as watching videos online. A book that I recommend is called: Ultimate Knitting Bible by Sharon Brant.

On the packaging of the yarn were two words that inspired the project: double knitting. I googled double knitting. I realized that by using this technique to knit a scarf it would imply that my scarf would have a color on the front and another on the back! I was glad that I actually did have two colors of yarn which meant I can apply this technique instantly. I love trying new things!! I read an explanation online, however it confused me a lot. So then I decided to watch some videos on YouTube. I found a video that explained it in a very easy way.  I grabbed my yarn and decided to give it a try! I am just at the beginning of my scarf. It is already looking good especially with my choice of colors. I’m totally loving it at the moment and I cannot wait until I’m done.


1. Hold both yarn threads together and cast on your stitches. It is the same exact process but instead of holding on to one thread, you are holding two.
2. Knit the first two stitches (color A and B) together.
3. Assuming color A is the right side- knitA, purlB until last two stitches.
Note: when doing either stitch whether knit or purl be on the RS or WS, always bring both A and B front when doing a purl stitch or back when doing a knit stitch. (see the photo below)

4. knitAB together.
5. Now, you’re on the wrong side ‘WS’- although technically there won’t be wrong sides with double knitting; both sides will look perfectly the ‘right side’. On the WS, purlAB together. KnitB, purlA until the last two stitches. PurlAB together.
6. Back on the RS: follow steps 2-4

I hope you give it a try too! Good luck!

Fatema xoxo

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