Birthday Cards

DSC00877 DSC00885 DSC00888DSC00897DSC00902Recently, I came across several card making inspiration. I decided to get my supplies out and do cards for the birthdays coming up soon. I haven’t made my own card in years. I decided to go about them spontaneously rather than planning out every detail. Initially, I had two basic ideas:gift boxes and candles. The supplies used for both cards are: watercolors, gift-wrapping ribbons, and Mod Podge.

I began with the gift-boxes inspired card first. I painted the boxes then I coated the card with a layer of Mod Podge. Actually, I was hesitant about contouring the boxes with ribbons, but I figured that without the contour they may be mistaken for a birthday cake without candles lol. I always believe that with creative artwork there are no steps and no ‘right and wrong’. You should do what your creative mind tells you at that moment. My card looked pretty with gift boxes and a ‘Happy Birthday’, but to me it felt plain. I painted the background pink and using a foam brush I also applied Mod Podge with the paint. Hence, the card has the effect it does right now. I would definitely give this card to a kid’s birthday. The colors are cheerful and perhaps ‘princess-y’ for a little’s girl’s birthday.

The idea for the candle card was inspired by various cards I’ve seen online where card-makers would place actual candles on the card. The process for this card was very quick and easy. I coated the card with a layer of Mod Podge and I quickly placed the pieces of ribbons next to each other. For extra durability, I decoupaged the ribbons with ‘Fabric Mod Podge’. After around a half hour, I painted the ‘fire’ glowing from the candles and ‘Make a Wish’.

I will post another blog post explaining how I did the envelopes for these cards. It was another DIY project that I made without previous planning. I loved the way it turned out- especially with the pink popping out in the interior!

Time to write inside these cards and send them out 😉

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