My First Quilt (part2)

547498_3432840198144_1052171528_n Last week I shared with you my first quilt as it right now- basted and being hand-quilted. In this post, I’d like to share with you the process I went through to finally have the quilt at the stage it is right now. I cannot wait to get the quilting done and move on to the binding!! After I traced and cut my pieces, I created six bundles where in each of those 2 by 2 blocks there won’t be any repetition in terms of the fabric. Once that was done I had my pieces all organized in the manner shown in the picture above. 10044_3437593596976_669775789_n Some progress in the sewing.. IMG_3563 I was not sure how I wanted to do the quilt top. If I sew all the blocks together, the quilt won’t be twin sized for my bed. I spent hours laying the blocks and removing them until I decided of adding sashing to enlarge the quilt top. IMG_0350I had a few pieces of fabric left so I decided to utilize it for the center of the quilt. IMG_3621 IMG_3622I visited some fabric shops to get solid fabric that would match my sample block. I did not like the pink neither was I so convinced with the turquoise but I told myself it would look good once I sew it to the blocks. IMG_5992 I cut the pieces and sewed the inner sashing to the blocks. I realized that the fabric is just so stretchy that although I did measure accurately I still struggled with the sewing. I ended up reallyyy disliking the fabric and the color of it. I felt a bit depressed; the quilt that I was very excited about would not be something I like anymore because of my fabric choice. My mom convinced me that I should change it to something that I would like although that would mean going back in my steps (searching for non-stretchy solid fabric that would speak to me, measuring and cutting and then sewing). IMG_6214I’m very glad I took her advice! The yellow looks vibrant and that’s exactly what I was looking for!! It was worth my time and double effort! I’m not quite done with my quilt as you’ve seen in my previous post. My quilt is basted and a number of blocks already quilted. I need to complete my quilting and then bind it. Now that I see my quilt there are things that I know I could have done differently and perhaps I wish I did. However, doing this quilt was a learning process/ a learning curve. I learned a lot while doing it. Also, recently I started following lots of quilters and I’ve been inspired greatly. Perhaps, that’s why I say if I were to redo the arrangement of my blocks I would have done the quilt top differently. I still do love my quilt though! Please share with me your first quilts in the comments below or on Instagram on #myblossomedchaos Fatema xoxo

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