Ipad Case and a Zipped Pouch

DSC00973 In the past two weeks, I did two projects that look very similar however, the way I approached them was totally different. The first was an iPad Case for my sister. This project is completely handmade. Basically, I observed the iPad case that I have and tried to use it as my reference for measurements. I tried to come up with measurements based on the ratio of my iPad (3rd generation) to it’s case and her iPad (Air) to the case I was constructing. DSC00916 DSC00919 I cut the pieces and sprayed them to the batting using an adhesive spray. I thought of this idea based on the quilting idea of basting the top and back to the batting. IMG_3587 I hand-sewed the base to the sides and then the sides together. After I was done, I was ready to put my zipper. I attempted sewing the zipper to the case several times but I was not getting it right. Youtube as usual is my resort where when stuck I find the help needed. I realized that usually the first thing you should do is: sew the zipper to the pieces and then complete the project. The other problem I faced is that my zipper was too long and so I had to make it short while making sure it still zips normally. Although I faced these two hiccups I was determined to get this case done! Andd I did!! Okay, confession: it does not look very clean and finished from the inside, but now I learned how I  should do it if I will repeat the project. DSC00962 The other project, the zipped pouch, I did using my new rather first sewing machine!! This is my first sewing machine to own myself. All my sewing projects prior to this point were handmade. I did this project mainly to test my capabilities using a sewing machine and simply to give it a try. I actually liked the experience. I still have to work on my straight lines and seam allowances, but for a first attempt I am proud of myself. This zipped pouch is based on a tutorial I watched on youtubed. It was very easy and fast. I still had the issue of the long zipper. I ruined two zippers before starting the project, so the third time around I opened the zipper and sewed across it at the point where I wanted the zipper to end. Then I cut the access part. DSC00995   This zipped pouch is perfect to use for my makeup essentials and perfume when I go out. It is very neat and clean in the inside. For the zipped pouch, I decided to use felt instead of batting. I will be definitely doing more of these zipped pouches in different sizes and designs. If you would like a zipped pouch for yourself please let me know 😉 DSC00996 I am very excited about my sewing machine and I cannot wait to do all the quilting projects and sewing projects that I have in mind for this year! Please share with me your zipped pouches on instagram at #myblossomedchaos Fatema xoxo

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