Last month, I found out that The Intrepid Thread has created a group #patchowrkcityBOM where you can subscribe and get your monthly bundle of fabrics to create two blocks of either the #metroarea quilt from Patchworkcity by Elizabeth Hartman or the #westside quilt or both. I was so excited about it and it was exactly what I needed to get these quilts started. I subscribed to both #metroarea and #westside. By the end of the year, all subscribers will complete all the blocks and hence the tops of both quilts.



Last week, I was very thrilled to receive my first package which contained the sashing and blocks for the first three months of #westside. The packaging was great and at that moment I knew this subscription is totally worth it!

Julie from The Intrepid Thread is also kind enough to send out a monthly patchworkcity newsletter, where she shows the blocks she’s done and any tricks or tips that may be useful.


I’ve never tried paper piecing so this will be a challenge that I’m willing to take on and try. I’ve read a lot about it this week and watched some youtube videos. I came across different types of paper piecing one of which is the ‘English Paper Piecing’. This particular paper piecing method is used to create the #lapassacalglia quilt from the Millefiori quilts by Willyne Hammerstein. I’ve seen a lot of Instagrammers making the rosettes for this quilt and oh my gosh they are so prettyy!! I think this will definitely be my next big project!

Today I will start working on my blocks. I’ll give you updates soon!

Anyone else doing quilts from patchworkcity? Please share them with me 🙂

Fatema xoxo

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