My Westside Quilt Progress

IMG_4508Apartment Block, my recently finished block

Almost three weeks ago, I completed six blocks of the #westside quilt from Patchworkcity by Elizabeth Hartman. The blocks I completed are Elevator, Forest Park, Favoirte Sweater, River Walk, Apartment and Streetlight. Until now, I’ve enjoyed working on all of these blocks though some I enjoyed more or less. Favoirte sweater was one I enjoyed the most as I was curious to see how all the steps lead to the final ‘zig-zag’.

IMG_4264Favorite Sweater in the making

IMG_4270Favorite Sweater almost done

IMG_4996Favorite Sweater completed!

Doing these blocks, I spent a lot of time choosing fabrics from a bundle that I receive from my #patchworkcitybom subscription by The Intrepid Thread. I did, however, mix some of my own stash as well. I got the idea of doing that from a fellow blogger, Allison Schnackenberg from the Savage Pink blog. I was searching for inspiration on the fabric combination/choice for one of my earlier blocks and I coincidentally came across her blog. I liked how she was using her own stash and not limiting her creativity to a bundle that was given to her. What I also liked about her is that she had a vision of how she wanted her quilt to be. She felt that she wants to convey the ‘Urban’ life that Elizabeth Hartman is portraying through her block construction and fabric choice. What a lot of people around me don’t get is that ‘patchwork’ and ‘quilting’ each is an Art that a lot of us take very seriously. It is not a matter of cutting and sewing fabric pieces together. It is in fact a very well thought of process.

IMG_4991River Walk

There has been a group on facebook for anyone working on #patchworkcity. This group has been awesome. I truly cherish the interaction of my fellow quilters on that platform. One of the group members was kind enough to share with me her methodology when it came to planning out the color scheme of her quilt. She drew blocks on a piece of paper, coded them, and colored them with her four main colors. This way when she’s working on a block she knows which fabrics to use, which fabrics to focus on and this way she’s creating a balanced use of color throughout the quilt.


Regarding the blocks I’ve completed until now- I truly like Favorite Sweater, River Walk, Apartment, and Streetlight. I like that the color mood is the same throughout these blocks. Also, the fact that they are generally the correct size thrills me!

IMG_4216Forest Park


The first two blocks, Elevator and Forest Park, I trimmed out for the wrong measurement (8″ by 8″). Since Elevator and Forest Park were the very first blocks I made, I did not have a vision of the color scheme/mood I wanted to follow. I merely used the first bundle of fabrics I received and constructed the blocks. I actually think I may redo them once I am done with all the blocks.

IMG_4982 This picture was taken before working on Apartment

With the other four blocks, I maintained a turquoise/pink/navy color way. I decided to focus on the red color in Apartment, because I want to gradually add more red to my blocks. My color focus will then be on turquoise, pink, navy blue, and red. I’m not sure if I’ll add some green to the mix- I received green fabrics from the BOM. Before working on my new bundles from the BOM, I will follow the methodology described above by a fellow quilter. I’ll draw blocks on a piece of paper and color in the ones I’ve done already and perhaps this way I can better plan my color scheme while maintaining the color mood I already achieved with the blocks. I usually spend a lot of time choosing my fabrics for each block. I do not only think of the block itself but also the big picture. I will try to avoid this head hurting process this time by following the color planning method described above. Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy choosing my fabrics- it’s truly the most enjoyable part of the Westside quilt!

Last week, I received my new shipment from The Intrepid Thread. I’m so excited to work on April, May and June’s blocks. As for #metroarea, I just started on the first section this week. Once done, I’ll share the section here on the blog πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think about the blocks I’ve completed so far!

Thank you,

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