Counting Sheep


Today I want to share with you my latest accomplishments: a baby quilt. Latest actually refers to a few months back lol! This is actually my first finished quilt. I did a baby receiving quilt mid of 2015, however, it was a self-binding quilt. For this quilt, I tried machine binding for the first time.


So about this quilt.. Sometime in May if I remember correctly, I was asked by my uncle to do a baby quilt for his first baby boy who was due to be born in October. I was thrilled and honored to receive that request. I spent the first couple of weeks trying to be inspired with an idea, a pattern, until one day I was browsing Instagram and @Iamalunsol instagram account posted a very cute Quilt Pattern “Counting Sheep” from Love Quilting Magazine! The moment I saw it, I knew this is the pattern that I wanted to do. I bought the magazine on my iPad and started working from there. The pattern was for a mini quilt, so I decided to enlarge it. I was between scaling it and enlarging it but i opted for the second choice. Choosing the fabric was a fun process as well though it is somewhat difficult since it is virtual (I purchase my fabric online). It comes to a point where you need to trust your instinct and just purchase the selection.


Since I decided to enlarge it, I planned to add a certain number of pieces from each block but as I went on I had to make decisions about adding more and about the size. I basically had to improvise while working on it though I initially had a plan on how much I was enlarging it. At times it would be annoying because I would think I’m done with the ‘grass’ for example but I end up needing to cut and piece more blocks instead.


It was my first time to try appliqué. As usual, I resorted to YouTube to learn the techniques out there for appliqué. I have to say I tried applying two techniques but both were a fail. I then contacted a friend in Canada who quilts as well and she told me that isn’t skilled at appliqué either. She suggested that I try zigzag sewing along the edges.




Once I was done with the appliqué and basting the quilt, I spent a few days in a row quilting it. I have to say it was exhausting. The best part about it was that I was using Aurifil Threads for the first time! I was pretty excited about that and about having the threads that match my fabric! Little things do make me excited and happy haha!!



After many long hours of quilting and my machine acting up in between, I was finally done and ready for machine binding. I’ve never done binding before so I had to watch a few YouTube videos to finally start the binding myself. I have to say it wasn’t hard at all. The only tricky part was around the corners. I called my sister to focus on the YouTube video and help me figure out how the lady in the video was turning the fabric around the corner. She managed to catch the idea and help me with it. Thanks to her I managed to get my corners bounded nicely!


When I was finally done, it felt surreal. Did I really do this quilt myself?! I loved it! And with every piece of art I do, handing out to another person is the hardest feeling; to let go of something that has really become apart of you.


Bye bye my sheep!


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