The Garden Quilt


Hi everyone! It’s been a very long time since I last published a blog post! A lot has happened since then. I got engaged and I traveled to Canada to attend my brother’s graduation. Then when I came back it was already the holy month of Ramadan. After that we celebrated Eid.. and you know the summer is always full of activities! I’m really happy to be blogging again. First, I want to share with you the quilt I completed at the very beginning of this year.


My best friend, all the way in Canada, asked me to do a quilt for her niece to be born then. She had a vision and she tried to communicate that to me by telling me the colors she wanted and sending me some inspiration pictures of quilts she found online. The colors she wanted me to stick to were pink and green and she liked the quilts with flowers and figures the most. My vision was a modern quilt with modern blocks, however, since she liked flowers and figures I decided to go for a garden themed quilt. I had searched online for patterns that would satisfy both visions but I didn’t really find what I was looking for. Therefore, I decided to come up with my own pattern based on the design I had in mind. My inspiration was the previous baby quilt I made for my uncle’s baby boy, Counting Sheep.


The idea in my mind was to create a sky and a garden and appliqué some flowers on top with the name too. Since it had to be a pink and green quilt, I decided that the sky will be pink. I sketched the design and then I started to look for suitable fabrics for the project.  Honestly, choosing fabric is the most fun part of the process yet the most mind aching at the same time! Luckily, I found a pink fabric that was perfect for my pink sky idea! The motif of the fabric is clouds and in pink!!! The fabric is Artium by Joel Dewberry. Not only that, I added pink butterflies in the sky too- using the Chasing Butterflies fabric by Lizzy House from my stash.


That was the first time that I come up with a quilt design and pattern myself! I look forward to creating more interesting designs in the future that truly resemble my style! That was a starting point and I feel proud about it 🙂

Once it was done, it was time to send it out to the baby girl it was made for! I can’t wait to make more and more quilts!

Fatema xxx

2 thoughts on “The Garden Quilt

  1. Dear niece
    I’m very proud of you
    I ove your article and the dedication to your work ❤️
    It’s a beautiful artwork and I’m sure your friend loved it.
    Keep doing the same and looking forward for your next one


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